Special Projects

special projects // overview
As an organization we have two priorities for Election Day 2012: Securing the defeat of President Barack Obama and his agenda of “change” on November 6th 2012; and building the largest base of support possible for candidates whom we believe will best represent our Conservative principles while in office. Our representatives in the House, Senate, and God wiling, the White House, must be equipped to dismantle the perilous agenda and policies of President Obama. As a grassroots organization our ability to succeed this November is largely driven by online donors.Our Special Projects Team is focused on building a base of supporters for activities outside of our candidate support initiatives. We are currently operating two campaigns: first, is our Stop Mr. Obama campaign dedicated to locking in millions of pledges from American voters to vote against President Obama this November; and second is our general PAC campaign which is used for everything PAC related including support of our day-to-day operational activities, financing our advocacy team and staff, continued production of our technology development projects, and everything in between. For more information and details on these campaigns, you can research them by following the links on the page below.
special project // stop mr. obama
stop mr. obama

It is our belief that we cannot afford to be burdened with four more years of this President’s warped perception of “hope and change”. However, if we do not stand together and actively campaign in support of the Republican nominee, we stand a good chance of losing this November. We need only look at recent history to see what happens when the silent majority does not rally behind the Republican candidate, or if we are split with indecision.

In 2008, Senator McCain was seen as a moderate whom most Conservatives felt would not protect or serve the core principles that govern those of us on the right. Many chose to simply sit the race out or to do the minimum, exercising their right to vote and nothing more. The result has been a fundamental transformation of our country by a man that clearly has no respect for our founding principles, documents, or history. We, the average American voter, made similar mistakes in 1992 and 1996, ushering in eight years of the Clinton Administration, in large part due to a misguided 3rd party candidate or candidates who couldn’t secure the majority of us on the right.

We do not have the luxury of repeating history with this election because the consequences could be disastrous for what has been, and remains, the finest country World history has ever seen. The purpose of the Stop Mr. Obama pledge is simple: By signing, you are pledging to vote for the Republican nominee this November, and to do all you can to get out the vote for the Republican nominee as Election Day nears. We cannot allow ourselves to be swayed by 3rd party candidates. We cannot allow our disinterest in a specific candidate, or their stance on individual issues, to get in the way of casting a yes vote for them on November 6th.

We must fight for a majority in both the House and the Senate by voting for the Conservative candidates, who can win, on Election Day. This is not about sending a message. This is not about shaking things up. This is not about maintaining the status quo or conventional wisdom. This is about the very future of America!

We need every possible advantage that we can get out of this election cycle in the hopes of unwinding the catastrophic change that has been forced on us. We must be able to provide our elected leaders the numbers necessary to roll back the nightmarish policies of President Obama and give them the ability to restore the Conservative principles which made the United States of America the greatest country on Earth. This is about our children, our grand-children, and their children. This is about the sacrafices made by millions of Americans before us, and those that are sacraficing for us today. This is nothing short of a fight for the very survival of America as we know her.

Stand with us as we stand with those that will restore this country back to glory. Together, we must Stop Mr. Obama. Click Here To Pledge Your Vote and Make A Contribution Today. You can also join the conversation on Twitter by “Following Us” on our Twitter account here and using the hashtag #StopMrObama to get your message out.

special project // general pac fund
general pac fund

This is our general PAC fund which assists with the operations and ancillary costs that go into making our organization work. We are powered entirely by grassroots supporters, without whom we would be unable to do the work that we do in support of Conservative, right-minded candidates as well as our efforts to Stop Mr. Obama this November.

In addition to your support of our individual candidate projects, and our special project to Stop Mr. Obama, we ask that you make any contribution you can to our general fund to allow us continued growth on our march toward victory this year. Please click this link to make a contribution today, and be sure to tell all of your family, friends, and co-workers to join our base of supporters as we fight to restore Conservative principles in 2012 and beyond.