Sample Superstore Tableau Dashboard Examples

Youll learn how to connect to and join geographic data.

Sample superstore tableau dashboard examples. Tableau filtering feature allows both simple scenarios using field val. Format that data in tableau. To create a pie chart view that shows how different product categories contribute to total sales follow these steps. Thanks for your answer.

Build and present a basic map view. Welcome to the tableau conference 2019 official session catalog. Tableau basic filters filtering is the process of removing certain values or range of values from a result set. Tableau viz gallery you can create almost any type of visualization with tableau.

How to use tableau parameter dashboard actions. I have tried to made a sample to show what i need. Assuming we have been analyzing on evaluating the sales for each product subcategory using the sample superstore data set provided by tableaualso let us assume that we are analyzing the month of the order date for finding out seasonal trends in the data. And apply key mapping features along the way.

Drag the sales measure to columns. If parameters andor dashboard actions are new to you i recommend reviewing the related posts an introduction to parameters in tableau and practical tableau. If you are already registered to attend log in to the web schedule builder or download the mobile app to reserve a seat in your must see sessions and hands on trainings. Good morning folks good morning matthew.

Connect to the sample superstore data source. There is an excel file attached base was super store sample. This tutorial walks you through some of the most common tasks you might perform when creating maps in tableau. Is it possible to combine two worksheets into a single view all in tableau.

See whats possible or try for yourself. As mentioned in the introduction parameters are values used within calculated fields that can be controlled by a dashboard user. I have a single data set on a tableau server and because our category mapping is poor i have one sheet with our top suppliers managed by the category team and a second sheet that excludes the suppliers from the first sheet then filters on the category. Tableau aggregates the measure as a sum.

This corporate style visualization is a different take on the classic tableau superstore data setquickly spot increases or decreases in sales profit ratio and shipping time and switch to the prescriptive tab to pinpoint the root cause.

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